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Stone & Jade Inukshuks


Inukshuks BC Jade & Granite

Inukshuks are a symbol of friendship and represents safety and nourishment, trust and reassurance.  It may guide you on a difficult journey and bring you good luck and fortune.  An Inukshuk is an emblem of the Inuit which embodies the spirit and persistence of the Canadian North.  An Inukshuk is also the logo for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The 2010 Winter Olympics logo was unveiled on April 23, 2005 and is named Ilaanaq the Inukshuk. Ilaanaq is the Inuktitut word for friend.  Inukshuk Jewellery click here.



Tumbled Jade Inukshuk

Granite Inukshuk

Tumbled Jade Inukshuk small 2" Tumbled Jade Inukshuk medium 2.5" Tumbled Jade Inukshuk large 3" Granite Inukshuk 3.5" Granite Inukshuk 5"         Out of Stock
$19.99 $29.99 $49.99 $14.99 19.99

Canadiana Wood Overlay Inukshuk Magnets & Keychains

These unique, beautiful hand crafted quality wood overlay magnets & keychains have a delicate 3D design made from wood and capture the essence of Canada.


Canadiana Wood Inukshuk Magnets & Keychains

Canadiana Wood Inukshuk Magnets     Out of Stock Canadiana Wood Inukshuk Keychains  Out of Stock
$5.99 $5.99

Pure 24K Gold Vials

Made in Canada.  This replica of a miner's assay bottle contains genuine 24kt gold.  Each vial contains 100% pure 24K Italian Gold floating in a non-toxic, non flammable solution. Height:  6cm, 15 grams.

Made in Canada Pure 24K Gold Vials
Pure 24K Gold Vials
$9.99 each

Gold Vial Pendant

These 4.5cm tall vial pendants are filled with pure 23k gold filigree and come in their own gift box.  The fine 24" gold colored chain makes this a ready to wear souvenir.

Gold Vial Pendant 23k gold filigree

Gold Vial Pendant






Pewter on Glowing Agate

When lit from behind, the beauty of an agate slice is enhanced. Each slice has been dyed to highlight the natural forms within. Place them on a display stand in the window or on a candle holder (sold below). Each slice has been decorated with a Canadian animal or icon to make these souvenirs a must-have. Stand not included.

Glowing Agate on Pewter Canadian animal or icon


Pewter on Glowing Agate Train Pewter on Glowing Agate Eagle Pewter on Glowing Agate Wolf Pewter on Glowing Agate Hummingbird Pewter on Glowing Agate Deer Pewter on Glowing Agate Moose Pewter on Glowing Agate Gold Panner Pewter on Glowing Agate Bear
$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99

Pewter Agate Slab Candleholder

Pewter Agate Slab Candleholder for Agate Slabs and Glowing Agate

Pewter Agate Slab Candleholder (for above Agate)



Spirit Bear

The Kermode Bear or "Spirit Bear" lives in the rainforests of central British Colombia.  Because of their ghost-like appearance, Spirit Bears hold a prominent place in Canadian First Nations' mythology.  The Spirit Bears are made of ivory, and the fish they have in their mouths is carved Kyanite. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted, signed by the artisan, and includes an information card.  Mounted on Genuine Agate Slice. Hand Crafted in Canada.

Spirit Bear mounted on Genuine Agate Spirit Bear Family mounted on Genuine Agate
Spirit Bear 3" Spirit Bear with Family 4"
$26.99 $33.99

Genuine BC Jade Figurines

Enjoy the natural elegance of finely polished and carved British Columba Jade.

Jade Buddha

Let good luck surround you with this finely detailed figure of the grand master of Oriental wisdom.

Jade Buddha

Jade Buddha medium, 1.5" Jade Buddha large, 2"
$25.99 $35.99


Jade Animals 1.5"

Jade Animals

Jade Bear 1.5" Jade Dolphin 1.5" Jade Loon1.5"   Jade Frog 1.5" Jade Turtle 1.5"
$22.99 $19.99 $20.99 $19.99 $19.99

Hand blown Crystal Animals

Mounted on Amethyst

Crystal Elk

Crystal Ram

Crystal Moose

Crystal Elk Crystal Ram Crystal Moose
$19.99                    Out of Stock $19.99               Out of Stock $19.99         Out of Stock


Crystal Bear

Crystal Dolphin

Crystal Eagle

Crystal Bear Crystal Dolphin Crystal Eagle
$19.99                    Out of Stock $19.99               Out of Stock  $22.99         Out of Stock

Genuine Rail Spikes

Hand Crafted in Canada. An attractive and remarkable collection of mounted pewter, jade and hematite figurines. Perfect for mining enthusiasts, railway enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.  Remember the nostalgia of the Canadian Railway with realistic scenes on genuine rail spikes. 

Small Train on small rail spike

Small Train on small rail spike 4.5"  $24.99

Old fashioned train on large rail spike

Mining scene on large rail spike 7"   Out of Stock


Mining scene on large rail spike

Old fashioned train on large rail spike 7"  $31.99

Large train on large rail spike

  Large train on large rail spike 7"  Out of Stock   


Canadian Flag Souvenir Pins (pictures enlarged to show detail)

Canadian Flag Souvenir Metal PinCanadian Flag Souvenir Pin small. Metal with Enamel, 1/2" width.  $1.99

Canadian Flag Wavy Souvenir Metal PinCanadian Flag Wavy Souvenir Pin small. Metal with Enamel, 1/2" width.  $1.99

Souvenir Keychains

Vancouver Keychain Metal

Vancouver Keychain with a 1.25" metal key ring attached to a 5" metal pendant with the word "Vancouver" on cut out lettering.

Canadian Flag Flip Flop Keychain                    Canada Flip Flop Keychain with a 1" x 3" plastic Flip Flop imprinted with Canadian Flags.



Hot & Cold Therapy

Canadiana Reusable Instant Heat Packs

Canadian Gel Packs

Canadiana Reusable Instant Heat Packs

Canadian Gel Pack

Achieve an instant heat source by snapping the metal disk found floating inside the Gel Pack.  Heat lasts for at least 15 minutes.  After each use the gel will solidify.  Simply put the heat pack in a pot of boiling water until it regains its liquid form to recharge. 

Can be used over and over by snapping the metal disc when needed.  Great for the home and travelling.  7" x 5".

For Cooling Therapy:  Cool in the refrigerator or freezer.  Cold therapy helps decrease muscle spasms, swelling and pain.

For Heat Therapy:  Microwave.  Heat increases circulation, speeds recovery and works wonders for pain or cramps.100% Non Toxic.  8" x 12'

$4.99  each $9.99

Hand Made Wood Carvings  NEW

Capture Authentic Canadian experience and symbolism through Canadian made souvenirs.  Many of the products in this section are designed, manufactured or finished in British Columbia, Canada.

Hand Made Wood Walking Sticks

Hand carved and decorated with the most popular Totem Animals.  These sticks are a good reminder to stay healthy and are an attractive addition to the home.

Hand Made Wood Walking Sticks

Wood Walking Stick Moose 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Moose 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Bear 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Bear 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Wolf 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Wolf 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Horse 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Horse 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Eagle 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Eagle 61" $24.99















Wood Animal Doorstoppers

These carved and painted wooden animals add a natural touch to the home.

Wooden Animal Door Stoppers

Animal Doorstop Cat Animal Doorstop Wolf Animal Doorstop Squirrel Animal Doorstop Bear Animal Doorstop Horse
$7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99

Wood Animal Magnets

Animals carved from wood, then painted add a natural touch!

Painted wooden Animal Magnets carved from wood

Wood Animal Magnet Horse  Wood Animal Magnet Moose Wood Animal Magnet Eagle Wood Animal Magnet Bear Wood Animal Magnet Wolf
4.49 4.49 4.49 4.49 4.49


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