What are Bach™ Flower Remedies?

When we feel fulfilled, happy and positive, we tend to enjoy better health. We get more out of life and we can give more to our friends and family..

But things happen. Sometimes we need a little help to stay in balance and move forward. That's when
Bach Original Flower Remedies can help.

Created by a Harley Street doctor in the 1930's, the Bach Original Flower Remedies are 38 plant and flower based remedies that can help you manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Each remedy aids a specific emotion. You can take them individually or mix them together to match the way you feel.

Recent research into the links between emotions and the immune system supports the view that emotional and physical health are linked. More and more medical experts now agree that a healthy mind really does ensure a healthy body. Bach Original Flower Remedies can help you take control of the way you feel and get more out of life.

Personally I am quite easily disillusioned and pessimistic in nature, but I have found that when I take Gorse, my mood improves and I become much more positive.'
Teresa Munro, London

I find that Vervain is useful to calm my son, who can be over enthusiastic and Larch helps to improve my daughters confidence. I think Rescue Remedy is an essential for all parents, I have even used it on the rabbit!.'
Diane Dashfield, 35, Essex

I have gone through quite a few periods of change in my life, such as surgery, moving home and separation from my family. During times like these I have used Walnut for difficulty adjusting to change. Mimulus for known fear and Star of Bethlehem for shock and sorrow.'
Barbara Tremain, 38, Cornwall

Choosing the right Bach™ Original Flower Remedies for you

Recognizing exactly how you feel is the key to choosing the most appropriate Bach Flower Remedy. Try to pinpoint how you are feeling at the moment. Then match the exact mood you're in with the appropriate remedy.

For example, if moving house is making you feel frustrated and impatient, try
Impatiens. And if you are finding it hard to adapt to your new neighborhood, try Walnut.

Sometimes we find it difficult to be honest with ourselves. Few of us want to be seen as jealous or over-protective, but once we have admitted how we feel, we are halfway towards balancing that emotion. So, if you have trouble working out your feelings, why not ask someone who knows you well to help?

Where do the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies come from?

The Bach Original Flower Remedies were developed by Dr Edward Bach a Harley Street doctor and well known Physician, Bacteriologist, Homeopath and Researcher. He believed that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness.

He identified 38 basic negative states of mind and created a plant or flower based remedy for each one.

After leaving London in 1930, Dr Bach explored the countryside in search of the remedies for several years. In 1934 he decided to settle down and create a centre for his work, and chose Mount Vernon, a small cottage in Sotwell, Oxfordshire.

He spent the last years of his life at Mount Vernon and it was here that he completed his research.

Nowadays, Mount Vernon is better known as The Bach Centre, and the present custodians continue to prepare the mother tinctures (first process in making the remedies), often using the same locations that Dr Bach identified in the 1930's.

Only the Bach signature guarantees that you receive the original Bach Flower Remedies, prepared as they have been since Dr. Bach's time with tinctures made exclusively by the Bach Centre at Mount Vernon.

Rescue™ Remedy

Dr Bach created an emergency combination containing five flower remedies - Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis.

Rescue Remedy combines these five Bach Original Flower Remedies and can be used to help you cope with immediate everyday situations such as going to the dentist, interviews, making a complaint, taking a test or wedding day nerves. It can also help in times of crisis or trauma such as bereavement, a relationship breakdown or redundancy. 

For pets this remedy is suitable for a wide range of anxiety induced problems: poor appetite while owner is away, fretting, fears, hysteria especially with thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshot, travel sickness, stress licking.  For more information on Bach Flower Remedies for animals click here.

Bach Flower Remedies for Children

How to take the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

Four drops of the Bach Original Flower Remedies can be dropped onto the tongue, or rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears, or on the temples and wrists at least four times a day.

Or dilute four drops of your chosen remedy in a glass of water and sip at intervals. Replenish as necessary.

You can take Bach Original Flower Remedies as often as you want. If you are in a mood or a bit of a crisis you can take them as long as you need to.

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 ...or read the Bach Flower Essences  detailed descriptions or summary below.




Those who hide worries behind a brave face.


Apprehension for no known reason.


Critical and intolerant of others, unable and unwilling to make allowances.


Weak willed; exploited or imposed upon.


Those who doubt their own judgment, seek reassurance from others.

Cherry Plum

Uncontrolled, irrational thoughts.

Chestnut Bud

Refuses to learn by experience - continually repeats the same mistakes.


Over possessive - clinging and over-protective, especially of loved ones.


Inattentive, dreamy, absent-minded, mental escapism.

Crab Apple

The "Cleanser". Self disgust.


Overwhelmed by responsibility.


Despondency; easily depressed and discouraged.


Pessimism, defeatism, "Oh what's the use . ."


Talkative, obsessed with own troubles and experiences.


Hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion.


Living in the past - nostalgic. Homesickness.


Mental rather than physical weariness. 'Monday morning' feeling - procrastination.


Capable and efficient, yet impatient and irritable.


Lack of self-confidence, feelings of inferiority.


Fear of known things. Shyness, timidity.


Dark cloud' that descends, making one saddened and low for no known reason.


Normally strong/courageous, struggling bravely against illness and adversity.


Fatigued - drained of energy. Life lacks zest.


Guilt complex - blames self even for mistakes of others.

Red Chestnut

Obsessed by care and concern for others.

Rock Rose

Suddenly alarmed, scared, panicky.

Rock Water

Rigid minded, self denying; self-dominating to the point of self-martyrdom.


Uncertainty/indecision/vacillation. Fluctuating moods.

Star Of Bethlehem 

For all the effect of serious news, or fright following an accident, etc.

Sweet Chestnut                           

Utter dejection, bleak outlook.


Over-enthusiasm - fanatical beliefs.




Assists in adjustment to transition or change.

Water Violet

Proud, reserved, enjoys being alone.

White Chestnut

Persistent unwanted thoughts. Pre-occupation with some worry or episode.

Wild Oat

Helps determine one's intended path in life.

Wild Rose

Resignation, apathy. Missing out on even the simplest of life's pleasures.


Resentment, embitterment, 'Poor old me!'.




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Bach Flower Remedies for Pets


The above remedies are not intended to replace other forms of treatment.  They are complementary, not alternative, so please remember to also visit your  health practitioner for extra help and advice.