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 Natural & Unique Gifts

Animal Magnets  Black Zebra Bowls Black Zebra Mortar & Pestle Energy Gemstones  

Frog Keychain   Gemstone Puffy Hearts   Gemstone Spheres  Glass Diamonds   Granite Mortar & Pestle  LED Displayers  Magnetic Sticky Stones     Marble Eggs  Medicine Bags   Mini Desk Drums  Musical Instruments  Natural Agate Stone Night Light  Pewter on Glowing Agate   Pewter Agate Slab Candleholder   Pocket Angels     Pure Gold Pyramid       Rainbow Onyx Bowls & Plates Onyx Chess Board Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle  Rainbow Onyx Wine & Liqueur Goblets Rattlesnake Eggs (Hematite Power Magnets)  Selenite Crystal with LED Base  Selenite Pyramid   Spirit Bracelets  Stone Angels  White Onyx Bowls    Weeping Yogi            Wish Pots     Wood Bowls & Cobra Stands   Worry Dolls     Wood Walking Sticks        OUR ROCK PAGE

Weeping Yogi  NEW

The weeping yogi is believed to take away worries and encourage good luck. These weeping Yogi statues, hand carved from suar wood in Bali, are unique to the Artisan who carved it and the natural shapes of the wood.  2.4" tall.

Hand carved Weeping Yogi Statues
Weeping Yogi







Slate Chalkboards   NEW

Heart shaped chalkboards, each complete with hanging rope and chalk, or rectangle boards, ready to hang!  

 Slate Chalkboards hanging on rope.  Rectangle and Heart shaped boards

Slate Chalkboards Rectangle Slate Chalkboards Heart (with chalk)
$9.99 $9.99







Slate Coasters

These versatile coasters show off the natural texture of slate with smooth tops and rough edges. Protect surfaces from moisture and heat; from beverage glasses, candles, vases, baking dishes, soap, the possibilities go on! Slate coasters are an especially popular gift for men because of their sleek lines and simplistic design. Contains 1 box of 4 coasters, 4" x 4".

Black Slate Blackboard Coasters

Slate Coasters Black




Pewter on Glowing Agate

When lit from behind, the beauty of an agate slice is enhanced. Each slice has been dyed to highlight the natural forms within. Place them on a display stand in the window or on a candle holder (sold below). Each slice has been decorated with a Canadian animal or icon to make these souvenirs a must-have. Stand not included.

Glowing Agate on Pewter Canadian animal or icon


Pewter on Glowing Agate Train Pewter on Glowing Agate Eagle Pewter on Glowing Agate Wolf Pewter on Glowing Agate Hummingbird Pewter on Glowing Agate Deer Pewter on Glowing Agate Moose Pewter on Glowing Agate Gold Panner Pewter on Glowing Agate Bear
$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99

Pewter Agate Slab Candleholder

Pewter Agate Slab Candleholder for Agate Slabs and Glowing Agate

Pewter Agate Slab Candleholder (for above Agate)



Chinese Coins

Wealth is often symbolized by objects such as coins. Chinese coins are often used for attracting abundance, wealth, money and prosperity into one's life. In ancient times, they were worn as an amulet to protect the wearer against illness and negativity. They are round with a square hole in the center, representing Heaven and Earth.

Chinese Coins Round With Square Hole In The Center

Chinese Coins package of 12 Chinese Coins package of 48
$7.99 $24.99


Bamboo Charcoal Products

Bamboo Charcoal ProductsBamboo Charcoal known as “Black Diamond” in various Asian countries is highly porous allowing it to trap and store water and airborne particles. This means it’s a natural freshener made without any harsh chemicals or scents. Bamboo Charcoal’s natural porous nature is highly beneficial, creating a sense of well being and vitality.  Bamboo Charcoal is a natural air freshener. Place a few slices in a dish  to keep any room in your home smelling clean and fresh.

Bamboo Charcoal Sachet  NEW


Small bags filled with crushed bamboo charcoal are ideal to put inside shoes, winter boots, skates, drawers, gym lockers, etc...anywhere you need a natural deodorizer.

Bamboo Charcoal Sachet


Bamboo Charcoal - Natural Home Freshener Kit


Beautifully boxed Home freshener Kit makes the ideal Christmas present!  Bamboo Charcoal naturally absorbs food odors in the fridge for up to 3 months. Bamboo Charcoal produces natural “anions” that will help keep your food fresher longer.  Simply place the small bag of Bamboo Charcoal in your fridge to enjoy long lasting natural freshness.

Purify Water & Tea:  Bamboo Charcoal’s porous nature will absorb water impurities and its natural minerals will release into the water making fresher and cleaner tasting water for up to 3 months.  Put a couple of washed slices into 1 liter of water and boil, this will make the perfect cup of tea or coffee …enjoy!

Stop Rice & Grain Weevils:   By putting a few slices of Bamboo Charcoal in your jars of rice  and grains, you will keep your food fresh and those pesky bugs away for up to 4 months.

Kitchen Charcoal Pieces:  Make Perfect Rice - Include a couple of washed slices when cooking rice. Bamboo Charcoal absorbs impurities in the water making perfect tasting rice every time for up to 2 months (20 - 30 times).  Keep Clothes Fresh:  Hang the large sachet of Bamboo Charcoal slices in your closet to keep clothes from smelling musty. Works great for clothes being stored until next season too! Keep your clothes fresh for up to 4 months.




Fridge Pack (mesh bag)


Kitchen Charcoal Pieces (box of 4 slices)


Clothes Pack (hanging mesh bag)

Bamboo Charcoal - Natural Home Freshener Kit


Bamboo Charcoal - Natural Home Freshener Kit


Natural Bamboo Bracelet Click Here     Natural Bamboo Soap Click Here

Selenite Free - Form Pyramid


Pyramids amplify and tightly focus energy through the apex. This Selenite free-form pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy Place them at the corners of a home to create a peaceful, safe environment that will not be disturbed by outside influences.  2" (H) X 1.5" (D) X 1.5" (W).

Selenite Free Form Pyramids can be used to draw off negative energy.

Selenite Free - Form Pyramid






Genuine Selenite Crystal with LED Base

Mini Natural Selenite Crystal plays dreamlike colorful changing color lights with an LED base (pictures shown below).  Selenite vibrates at a very high frequency, regarded as a powerful healing stone.  Total length with base:  approximately 6".  LED displayer 3", comes complete with adapter or can operate on 3 x AAA batteries (not included). 

Natural Selenite Crystal

Natural Selenite Crystal with LED Base

Natural Selenite Crystal without LED  Base Natural Selenite Crystal with 3" Black LED Base (shown)
$7.99 $21.99

Glass Diamonds

Glass Diamonds Glass Diamonds
Glass Diamond

Beautifully cut Glass Diamond shape.  Can be used with LED Displayers or as a paperweight, etc.  Width 6cm.


LED Displayers

The natural beauty of Laser Crystal, Mini Natural Selenite Crystal, Crystal Points, Clusters and Spheres will shine with these changing lights LED Stands.  External power adapter included or can use 3 x AA Batteries (not included)       


Round Silver Display Turntable 4" Round Black Display Turntable 4"
Round Silver LED Display Turntable 4" Round Black LED Display Turntable 4"  
$19.99          $19.99         Out of Stock       


Stone Night Light

Natural Agate Stone Night Light lasts for years, energy efficient, soft warm glow, making them perfect for a child's room or the hallway.  These night lights are assembled in Canada using agate from Brazil and are available in a variety of natural oval shapes and colours.

Natural Agate Stone Night Light

Natural Agate Stone Night Light Purple   Natural Agate Stone Night Light Red Natural Agate Stone Night Light Blue Natural Agate Stone Night Light Green Natural Agate Stone Night Light Natural
$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99


Gemstone Puffy Heart

Beautiful Puffy Hearts shoe off the single beauty of each stone.  Available in Rose Quartz, Clear quartz, Fluorite, Sodalite, Aventurine, Jasper, Blue or Goldstone, Hematite, or Tiger Eye.   Other Gemstone Puffy Hearts may be available.  Please enquire at sales@awholelottastuff for details.

Goldstone Puffy Heart Blue Sandstone Puffy Heart Hematite Puffy Heart Red Jasper Puffy Heart
Gemstone Puffy Heart Goldstone(shown)45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Blue Sandstone(shown)45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Hematite (shown)45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Jasper (shown)45 x 40 x 25mm
$7.99               Out of Stock $7.99              Out of Stock $7.99               Out of Stock $7.99               Out of Stock


Gemstone Puffy Heart Rose Quartz 45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Clear Quartz 45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Fluorite 45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Sodalite 45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Aventurine 45 x 40 x 25mm Gemstone Puffy Heart Tiger Eye 45 x 40 x 25mm
$7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99

Gemstone Sphere

Available in Blue Quartz, Lapis, Amethyst, Mystic Merlinite, Ruby Kyanite, Rose Quartz.  40 - 45mm range.



Gemstone Sphere Blue Quartz 45mm  Gemstone Sphere Lapis  40mm Gemstone Sphere Amethyst  40mm Gemstone Sphere Mystic Merlinite 40mm Gemstone Sphere Ruby Kyanite 45mm Gemstone Sphere Rose Quartz 40mm 
$19.99 $57.99 $39.99 $27.99 $99.99 $15.99



Sphere Star Set

Comes with Rose Quartz (middle), Carnelian Agate, Black Onyx, Calcite, Hematite, Milky Crystal and Green Aventurine spheres on a 5cm round Rose Quartz grid stand in a gift box.

Star Set SpheresStar Set Grid StandStar Set Box
Sphere Star Set
$14.99 Out of Stock


Solid Marble Eggs

Imported from Pakistan, these beautiful 3.5" solid marble eggs come with a free matching stand (as shown in picture below).                Perfect for Easter celebrations and collections.

Solid Marble Eggs

Fossil Black Teak Rainbow (Multi Green) Red
$7.99        $7.99        $7.99        $7.99        $7.99       

Pure Gold Leaf Pyramid

This beautiful creation of hand blown glass is filled with 23k of pure gold leaf each individually hand crafted with attention to detail.  With a slight shake of motion, the leaf dances about in a whirlwind of golden delight!  Gold gift box also included.  Great Gift Idea!
Pure Gold Leaf Pyramid
Pure Gold Leaf Pyramid Gift Box NEW


Amethyst Cathedral

Amethyst Cathedral

Admire the natural elegance and sparkle of Amethyst Cathedrals.

$16.99 per pound (range)
Please email A Whole Lotta Stuff for current pricing.





Wish Pots

Experience the mystery of this elegant wish pot. Since ancient times it was believed the gods would grant a wish when written down and placed inside a pot.  Wishes are like dreams which when written down can come true.  It is simply a matter of believing in your wish.  A different wishing stone available for each pot (Love and relationships with Rose Quartz, Knowledge and wisdom with Amethyst, Prosperity and creativity with Citrine, or Healing and spirituality with Quartz Crystal).  Each pot comes with one random stone.  

As you record your wish on the scroll, hold the stone that comes with your wish pot as a reminder of your intention and desire to make your wish come true.  Keep the stone with you as your talisman.  These special stones have unique qualities that will help support your intention.

The characteristics on the beige pot means luck.  The black wish pot has two characters meaning luck and love.  While this may mean that you will be lucky in love, it can also mean that love is the agent that will help your dreams come true. 

Find a hanging basket inside that holds a secret wish. 

Wish Pot White

Wish Pot Black

Wish Pot white Wish Pot black
$9.99                                   Out of Stock $9.99                           Out of Stock

River Rock Vase

Made from large natural river stone and formed into a unique vase.  Perfect for indoors or the patio.

River Rock Vase River Rock Vase
Out of Stock

Matching River Stone Candleholder click here

Rainbow Onyx Stone Bowl

Incorporate this beautiful genuine stone bowl as an accent for your home or office.  This unique hand crafted stone bowl is also great for decorating and dining.  It has a beautiful banded structure which makes it an impressive and distinctive gift.  Wooden Cobra stand not included but can be purchased here: Wooden Cobra Stands

Rainbow Onyx Bowl


Rainbow Onyx Bowl small 4" Rainbow Onyx Bowl med 5" Rainbow Onyx Bowl large 6" Rainbow Onyx Bowl x-large 8"
$13.99 $21.99 $29.99   $49.99


Rainbow Onyx Plates (not shown)

Rainbow Onyx Plate small 6" Rainbow Onyx Plate med 8" Rainbow Onyx Plate large 10" Rainbow Onyx Plate x large 11.5"
$18.99 $23.99 $39.99 $54.99
Rainbow Onyx Candy Dish    Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle

Beautiful and practical to be used to grind dry spices and herbs or for any elegant display.


Rainbow Onyx Candy Dish  Double Lip 3.5"

Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle small 2.5"

Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle

Rainbow Onyx Candy Dish Double Lip   3.5" Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle small 2.5" Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle 4"
$19.99 $12.99 $23.99


Rainbow Onyx Wine & Liqueur Goblets NEW

This unique stoneware, exquisitely hand-crafted from single pieces of metamorphic onyx, is from Balochistan Province in Western Pakistan. Skilled artisans turn solid stone blocks on lathes to create beautiful bowls, plates and other stoneware to support their family and community.

These rainbow onyx wine goblets make an elegant addition to any table. Comes with satin lined box. Rainbow onyx is a form of agate and forms mostly in cavities of eruptive rock or lava. The banded structure, with successive layers, displays a variety of colors. Each one is unique and shows the natural beauty and banding of the stone.  Both practical and decorative.  Hand crafted from Rainbow Onyx these goblets make an elegant addition to any table.  Great Gift Idea!

Hand Crafted Rainbow Onyx Goblets

Rainbow Onyx Liqueur Goblets Small set of six in Velvet Gift Box. 3" tall

White Onyx Bowls

Made from real stone, these beautiful pieces are hand crafted in Pakistan.  Each one is unique and shows the natural beauty and banding of the stone.  Both practical and decorative.

White Onyx Stone Bowls

White Onyx Bowl small 4" White Onyx Bowl med 5" White Onyx Bowl large 6" White Onyx Bowl x-large 8"
$13.99 $21.99 $29.99   $49.99


Fossil Marble Bowls

This unique stoneware, exquisitely hand-crafted from single pieces of metamorphic marble, is from Balochistan Province in Western Pakistan. Skilled artisans turn solid stone blocks on lathes to create beautiful bowls, plates and other stoneware to support their family and community. Use it to store jewellery and accessories, display candles and flowers or hold treats on a coffee table.

Fossil Marble Bowl 4"

Fossil Marble Bowl 4"


Black Zebra Marble Bowls

Made from real stone, these beautiful pieces are hand crafted in Pakistan.  Each one is unique and shows the natural beauty and banding of the stone.  Both practical and decorative.

Black Zebra Stone Marble Bowls

Black Zebra Bowl  small 4" Black Zebra Bowl  med 5" Black Zebra Bowl  large 6" Black Zebra Bowl  x-large 8"
$13.99       Out of Stock $21.99 $29.99   $49.99


Black Zebra Marble Mortar & Pestle Black Zebra Mortar & Pestle

Beautiful and practical kitchen tool to be used to grind dry spices and herbs or for any elegant display.

Black Zebra Mortar & Pestle

Wood Bowls & Cobra Stands

A beautiful three piece of nesting solid wood bowls each with a delicate carved decorative band.  Includes three bowls small 5", medium 5.75" and large 6" (cobra stands sold separately).

Solid Wood Bowls & Cobra Stands

Wood Bowls (3 piece set) Wood Cobra Stand 4" Wood Cobra Stand 6" Wood Cobra Stand 8"    Out of Stock Wood Cobra Stand 4", 6", 8" set of 3
$29.99 $3.99 $4.99 $5.99 $13.99

Granite Mortar & Pestle

Made from solid Granite, ideal for grinding spices, making meat rubs, or creating the perfect marinade.

Solid Granite Mortar & Pestle Polished and Rough

Granite Mortar & Pestle small polished 3.75" Granite Mortar & Pestle medium semi polished 4.75" Granite Mortar & Pestle large natural 6" Granite Mortar & Pestle extra large polished 8"
$14.99 $21.99 $28.99 $32.99


Backgammon Set

Carved stone on a smooth stone surface and wood base. Velour lined box inside for storage. 12" x 12".


Backgammon Game Set



Black & White Onyx Chess Board

Hand made in Pakistan, this stunning Black & White Onyx chess board exhibits remarkable stone color and elegant style of hand carved chess pieces.

Black & White Onyx Chess Board








Fossil Marble & Red Onyx Chess Board

Hand made in Pakistan, this stunning Fossil Marble & Red Onyx chess board exhibits remarkable stone color and elegant style of hand carved chess pieces.

Fossil Marble & Red Onyx Chess Board






Wood Animal Magnets

Animals carved from wood, then painted add a natural touch!

Painted wooden Animal Magnets carved from wood

Wood Animal Magnet Horse  Wood Animal Magnet Moose Wood Animal Magnet Eagle Wood Animal Magnet Bear Wood Animal Magnet Wolf
4.49 4.49 4.49 4.49 4.49

Hand Made Wood Walking Sticks

Hand carved and decorated with the most popular Totem Animals.  These sticks are a good reminder to stay healthy and are an attractive addition to the home.

Hand Made Wood Walking Sticks

Wood Walking Stick Moose 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Moose 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Bear 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Bear 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Wolf 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Wolf 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Horse 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Horse 61" $24.99
Wood Walking Stick Eagle 51" $19.99
Wood Walking Stick Eagle 61" $24.99













Spirit Bracelets

All natural bracelets handmade from leather, twine and dyed agate on an assortment of colors.

Hand Made Natural Spirit Bracelets

Spirit Bracelets random colors  (minimum order 36)
36 @ 4.49 each $161.64








Frog Keychains

Other gemstones and tumbled stones available, please enquire sales@awholelottastuff.ca

Frog Keychain Rose Quartz

Frog Keychain Rose Quartz




Pocket Angels

Every beautiful carved stone mini Angel comes in an organza bag along with information on the power of Angels.  Makes the perfect gift!

Pocket Angel Fluorite Pocket Angel Rose Quartz
Pocket Angel  Fluorite  Pocket Angel Rose Quartz 
$7.99 $7.99


Semi-Precious Stone Angels

Beautifully carved mini angels are available in Rose Quartz or Fluorite.  60mm

Semi Precious Stone Angels

Semi Precious Stone Angel Fluorite Semi Precious Stone Angel Rose Quartz
$13.99 $13.99


Medicine Bag

The genuine leather medicine bag was common to our North American ancestors.  These ancestors believed that all life was connected by spirit and that good fortune was embodied in an item collected to commemorate a special event.

In previous times many items, found on life's journey, were carried to commemorate special events such as the birth of a child, marriage or change of status.  These charms were also used to ward of evil and ensure favor of the divine or to increase luck and fortune during planting or hunting.  Each of these items were thought to be embodied with special powers and gifts that could be transferred to the bearer through their unique spirit.

The items collected included animal fetishes, bones, herbs, stones, dried food and any item of special significance to help guide and influence you on life's journey.  Some items have been selected to begin your journey.


Quartz Crystal - communication with the spirits


Obsidian Arrowhead - protect and power


Rose Quartz- love & compassion


Bear Fetish - courage

In the course of your life, you may wish to add other items to your medicine bag which have special meaning for you.  A special event may also occur which you would like to commemorate with a unique charm.


Medicine Bag

       Medicine Bag             (slightly larger than picture)








Energy Stones Kit

Three polished gemstones with a knitted cotton bag.  Can also be used as a necklace. 


Love & Compassion - Moss Agate or Aventurine


Creativity & Prosperity - Tigereye


Non-Conditional Love & Grounding - Hematite

Energy Stones Kit Love & Prosperity Energy Stones Kit



         Rattlesnake Sound Eggs          (Hematite Power Magnets)

These very strong Hematite Magnets are great for massaging.  Excellent for magnetic therapy and fun.  They produce a Rattlesnake sound when thrown up into the air.

Rattlesnake Sound Eggs (Hematite Power Magnets)
Rattlesnake Sound Eggs Sphere shape Rattlesnake Sound Eggs Dirigible shape
$5.49  per pair $5.49  per pair

Magnetic Sticky Stones (Tumbled Magnetic Hematite)

These powerful and fun magnetic Hematite magnets can be used for magnetic therapy, refrigerator magnet, modern art display, class project, treasure hunting, magic tricks,  help to ease stress and worry, and more.  Four per bag.

Magnetic Sticky Stone

Magnetic Sticky Stone (4 per bag) Magnetic Sticky Stone (each)
$4.49 $1.49

                                          Musical Instruments

Bamboo Flutes

Hand made in Bali.  Create fun & natural sounding music with these hand made bamboo flutes.  12" (30cm) long.

Bamboo Flutes
Bamboo Flutes
$2.99  each $11.99 for 5
Mini Desk Drums

Hand made in Bali, mini drums are great stress relievers for adults or musical toys for kids of all ages.  Great for home or office.


Mini Desk Drums
Mini Desk Drums           10 x 12cm Mini Desk Drums          12 x 15cm
$7.99 each $9.99  each


Worry Dolls NEW

Mayan Folklore says to tell your worries to a worry doll and then place it under your pillow at night.  In the morning the worry people will have taken your worries away.  Family of four large worry dolls per box.  Made in Guatemala.  Great Gift Idea!

Worry Dolls Complete with box  & Family of four

Worry Dolls (Complete with box  & Family of four)
$5.99  per box






 Crystal Laser


Beautiful  Crystal Laser Etched Glass.  Can also be used as a paperweight.  LED displayers sold separately 

Crystal Laser 2 Cats Crystal Laser 8 Horses Crystal Laser Girl & Horse
Crystal Laser 2 Cats 5x5x8 cm  Out of Stock Crystal Laser 8 Horses 5x5x8 cm Crystal Laser Girl & Horse 5x5x8 cm
$6.99 $6.99 $6.99


Crystal Laser Angel Crystal Laser Moose Crystal Laser Deer & Moon Crystal Laser Bird
Crystal Laser Angel 5x5x8 cm Crystal Laser Moose 5x5x8 cm Crystal Laser Deer & Moon 5x5x8 cm Crystal Laser Bird 5x5x8 cm                        Out of Stock
$6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99


  Crystal Laser Eagle Crystal Laser Fairy Angel Crystal Laser Bear   Crystal Laser Wolf
Crystal Laser Eagle 5x5x8 cm   Out of Stock Crystal Laser Eagle           5x5x15 cm           Crystal Laser Fairy Angel  5x5x8 cm Crystal Laser Bear               5x5x8 cm           Out of Stock Crystal Laser Wolf 5x5x8 cm   Out of Stock Crystal Laser Wolf             5x5x15 cm  
$6.99 $11.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $11.99

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