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Converts from tablet to cloth with a splash of water! Each pack contains 8 tablets.  Simply add water.  Go anywhere wipes. Great for home, auto, camping, and travel.

InstaCloth InstaCloth
$2.49 One pack (8 tablets per pack)


$7.99 for four packs (8 tablets per pack)








Silicone Wine Stopper

Silo Silocone Wine Stopper

Fun, Functional and Reusable. Seals wine bottles to keep in freshness. More durable than regular cork stoppers. Made of Silicone Rubber.
Silicone Wine Stopper orange Silicone Wine Stopper black Silicone Wine Stopper green Silicone Wine Stopper blue
$2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99




Bottletop Baster

Bottletop Basting Brush

The Bottletop Baster instantly turns any BBQ sauce, salad dressing or marinade bottle into a handy basting brush. Use on glass or plastic bottles. Great for cookouts, camping, picnics and more.

  • Soft, nylon bristles

  • Reusable and dishwasher safe

  • Multi-threaded top fits most sauce bottles

  • Built-in flow control

  • Dishwasher safe








Swift Swat

Swift Swat 3 in 1 Fly Swatter

Donít be fooled by the stylish design of this innovative new fly swatter. Itís also a highly effective pest exterminator. In addition, the Swift Swat has bristles built into the bottom of the swatter. Use it as a broom to sweep pests into the detachable dust pan after you swat them. Youíll never have to touch those nasty little critters again.

Swift Swat





Smooth Trip Waterproof Bag

This clear vinyl bag keeps valuables dry and in view. Great for travel.  Double zip seals and double snaps click securely shut to keep water and moisture out. It features an adjustable cord for personal comfort.  View or use contents through clear windows.  Great for cameras, phones, papers, etc.  Protects from scratches, sand, and floats safely if dropped in water.

Universal size fits most cell phones, iPhone 4 4S 3G,digital cameras or mp3 players.
Allows you to send and receive phone calls safely while in the pool, on a boat, at the beach, and  in the water.

Smooth Trip Waterproof Camera Bag

Waterproof Bag Blue Waterproof Bag Dark Purple (not shown) Waterproof Bag Clear (not shown)
$4.49                 $4.49 $4.49

Texting Gloves   $5.99

No need to take your gloves off for answering or texting touch screen mobile devices. Available in Green, Light Blue, Red, Brown, Pink, Grey and Black

Touch Screen Texting Gloves








Produce Pro Multifunctional Peeler

Speed up prep time in your kitchen and save valuable storage space with the multifunctional Peeler Pro by Healthy Steps. This feature packed peeler peels, seeds, hulls and eyes fruits and vegetables with ease. In addition, using one tool means you only have to wash one tool, what a time saver! Replaces 3 kitchen tools. Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk associated with strokes and heart disease. Important nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and folic acid are found in many fruits and vegetables.

Produce Pro Peeler




Fuzzy Wuzzy Blind Cleaner

Fuzzy Wuzzy Microfiber Blind Cleaner

The flexible fingers on the new microfiber blind cleaner are designed to quickly clean both sides of virtually any size of window blind. The special microfiber cover can be easily removed for washing. An easy, durable, and eco-friendly way to clean your blinds.








Bikini Hair Remover As Seen on TV

Hair Remover and Trimmer.  Also designed for women in removal of the fine hair that appears on your face, neck, bridge of your nose, upper lip.

Bikini Facial Hair Remover Trimmer

Bikini Hair Remover



Healthy Steps Sugar Shaker

Sugar contains no fat or cholesterol. However, its overuse is a leading cause of many health-related problems including obesity and high blood pressure. Limiting sugar intake is recommended as an effective weight management tool and the Healthy Steps Portion Control Sugar Shaker makes it easy. Itís a measuring dispenser and a tabletop shaker, all in one! A simple turn of the dial measures a specific amount of sugar every time. Measures: ľ tsp, Ĺ tsp, 1 tsp. Shake or pour. Removable measuring cup. How to use: Holding center ring, turn top chamber to desired measurement. Rotate dispenser on lid over small chamber, turn over to dispense. To free pour, rotate lid over large chamber, turn over to dispense. Twist cup bottom to remove measuring cup from shaker for larger amounts. Hand wash with soap and water. 

Jokari Healthy Steps Sugar Shaker

Healthy Steps Sugar Shaker
$9.99 Out of Stock









Ice Shots 12 Pack with Tray

Add water or pop into the mould, pop it in the freezer and in a short time, you have frozen shot glasses. Knock back icy cold Tequila or your favourite Vodka. Be creative and freeze Coke and then pour in Jack Daniels. Fill the mould with Jello for the ultimate reusable Jello Shot. The combinations are endless. Either way, you will have the coolest parties in town. Includes a handy 12 pc serving tray.


Jello Ice Shots 12 Pack with Tray

Ice Shots 12 Pack with Tray




Chill It Bags

Sleek, contemporary and cool - freezable Chill It bags. Keep these quality bags in the freezer and they become instant coolers for your wines, champagne, spirits, beer, sodas or any other beverages you want to keep chilled. These cosmopolitan bags are festive, fun, and make for unique gift items.

Chill It Wave Blue Green Chill It Cooler Tote Green
Chill It Wave Blue Green Chill It Cooler Tote Green
$7.99 $15.99

Park N Place

Park N' Place Stop Sign

Park N Place assists the perfect park job every time! Prevents dents and scratches from hitting garage walls or other objects. Includes portable base with flexible rod and red light on top that flashes when contact is made with a slight touch from the car bumper. Stop sign is made of fluorescent plastic material which will be easy to see at night when headlights are on. Perfect for hard to judge oversized SUVs and utility Trucks. Battery operated 2 "AA" (included).


Rechargeable Dehumidifier

Perfect for removing excess moisture from small, enclosed spaces and bathrooms!  Plug in overnight to recharge.  6.75" x 4" x 1.5".

Cordless Rechargeable Dehumidifer

Rechargeable Dehumidifier