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Smooth Trip Waterproof Bag

This clear vinyl bag keeps valuables dry and in view. Great for travel.  Double zip seals and double snaps click securely shut to keep water and moisture out. It features an adjustable cord for personal comfort.  View or use contents through clear windows.  Great for cameras, phones, papers, etc.  Protects from scratches, sand, and floats safely if dropped in water.

Universal size fits most cell phones, iPhone 4 4S 3G,digital cameras or mp3 players.
Allows you to send and receive phone calls safely while in the pool, on a boat, at the beach, and  in the water.


Smooth Trip Waterproof Camera Bag

Waterproof Bag Blue Waterproof Bag Dark Purple (not shown) Waterproof Bag Clear (not shown)
$4.49                $4.49 $4.49