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Sports & Fitness

Air Step Ball   Balance Board   Exercise Cushion  Figure Twister   Gym Ball Chair               Pilates DVD Training Kit   Recumbent Chair   Soccer Kick Ball   Gym Ball with Straps             Yoga Mats   Yoga Mat Bags    Tai Chi DVD Training Kit      Yoga DVD Training Kit  

World Soccer Kick Ball

Flags from around the globe.  Great for conditioning or just for fun.

World Soccer Kick BallWorld Soccer Kick Ball

World Soccer Kick Ball

$16.99 Out of Stock


Balance Board

Improve balance and coordination, and increases core and upper body strength.  Exercise manual included.

Balance Board
Balance Board

Figure Twister

Helps slim thighs, waist and hips.  Compact, light and easy to store.

Massage Figure Twister
Figure Twister

Exer-Sit Air Cushion (Active & Dynamic Exercise Cushion)

The all purpose body cushion!  A wonderful massage cushion.  Fitness, Therapy, Leisure.  Ribs on surface can massage your body and improve blood circulation.  Dynamic Sitting is performing a range of different postures emphasizing continuous mobility while seated. It's not hard and yet it improves core strength. Simply sit on the Exer-Sit and bounce, move and twist. It works by the natural movement your muscles make by trying to stabilize the body. Core training is in every contemplative program, including Yoga and Pilates.  Available in Black, Blue or Red. Diameter 12".


Back Cushion - Use the disc to be a back cushion to relax your body while sitting on a chair.


Sit Cushion - Sit on the smooth surface to release your stretch pressure.  Sit on the nubby surface to get massage effect.


Foot Cushion - Sit on chair and take off your shoes, then, put your feet on the nubby surface to feel the comfort.


Great alternative to the Exercise Ball or Sitting Wedge.


Maximize the benefits of sit-ups, squats and balancing exercises by incorporating it into your daily workout.


Great for home, office the gym, and even in your vehicle!

Exer-Sit Air Cushion (Balance Cushion)

Exer-Sit Air Cushion Black Exer-Sit Air Cushion Blue Exer-Sit Air Cushion Red
$27.99 $27.99 $27.99



Anti Burst Gym Ball with Straps

Take your workout one step further with elasticized strap handles.  Bonus:  FREE Pump!

Anti Burst Gym Ball with Straps

Anti Burst Gym Ball with Straps


Gym Ball Chair

Gym Ball Fit Ball Chair with back support for Office and Home Exercise. This Gym Ball Chair on wheels provides all the benefits of sitting on a Gym Ball with the mobility and stability of an office chair. Back support can be removed in 30 seconds allowing you to use the chair for exercises. The Gym Ball Chair makes it tougher to slouch. It encourages a slight bouncing movement that keeps leg muscles active and eases stress. Anyone at your office complaining about back pain? This inflatable Gym Ball Chair will help solve this problem!  Ball included.

Gym Ball Fit Ball Chair with Back Support

Gym Ball Chair

Air Step Ball

Great for working the core muscles, improving balance, and intensifying your cardio workout
bulletBuilds Strength
bulletTrims and Tones
bulletImproves Coordination
bulletTargets Core Muscles in abdominal and back areas

Air Step Ball

Air Step Ball

Recumbent Chair

Backless kneeling wooden chair excellent for posture!  The unique ergonomic design provides a great alternative sitting position while at work or home.  By kneeling into the Recumbent Chair, weight is transferred away from the lower back and, therefore reduces back strain.  Recommended for strengthening & flexibility rehabilitation. 

bulletAutomatically reduces stress and tension thus relieves back pain 
bulletCreates good posture that improves health
bulletFeatures a classic design wooden frame and heavily padded cushions
bulletAdjustable seat height from 18" to 23"
bulletWooden frame and black fabric
bullet4 Rollers at base enables moving by rolling the chair
bullet2 thick pad for knees and seat
bulletMaximum Weight 280-320 lbs

Recumbent Chair

Recumbent Chair

Yoga Mats

Slip resistant surfaces which offer the security you want, while providing comfort and insulation from cold hard floors. Carrying Strap included. Lightweight and washable.  24" x 72".

Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat Black Yoga Mat Green Yoga Mat Purple Yoga Mat Blue Yoga Mat Wine Yoga Mat Periwinkle Yoga Mat Leaf Green
$27.99 $27.99 $27.99 $27.99 $27.99 $27.99 $27.99

Yoga Mat Bags - With OHM Symbol

Adjustable shoulder strap, utility pocket.  100% Cotton.  Yoga mats not included.

Yoga Bags - OHM

Yoga Bag Blue Yoga Bag Plum Yoga Bag Black Yoga Bag Cream
$11.99 $11.99 $11.99 $11.99



Yoga DVD Training Kit

Comes with an instructional DVD, Illustrated Workbook, Workout CD, Stretching Strap & Exercise mat.

Yoga DVD Training Kit

Yoga DVD Training Kit

Tai Chi DVD Training Kit

Tai Chi - also known as "Tai Chi Chuan" us regarded as a soft or internal form or martial art.  Its therapeutic benefits and calming aspects have made it very popular around the world.  No matter your size, age or gender Tai Chi will enhance your internal health system and relieve mind and body from stress.  Multilingual Color illustrated Workout Book and DVD in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.  Picture format:  NTSC.


bulletColor Workbook
bulletInstructional Workout DVD - Part 1:  Beginners, Part 2:  Intermediate
bullet60 minute Workout Music CD
bullet1.5 lbs Sand Filled Weighted Tai Chi Ball for easy grip
bulletTai Chi Work Out Mat (173cm x 61cm)
bulletTai Chi Ball
Tai Chi DVD Training Kit
Tai Chi DVD Training Kit






Pilates DVD Training Kit


Color Workbook


Instructional DVD


Workout Music CD


Latex Exercise Band


Pilates Mat


Latex Exercise Band

Pilates DVD Training Kit

Pilates DVD Training Kit




Zip it Gear Armbands

Trendy, stylish and smart, the small Zip It Armband means looking good while securing MP3 players, credit cards, cash, ID, a key, etc.  in the moisture resistant pocket. Breathable soft spun polyester wicks moisture, and is extra soft to touch. Comfy!  One size fits all, this small Zip It Armband can be worn above the elbow on smaller arms and below the elbow on larger arms.  Three colors to choose from!  Great for travelling, walking, jogging, etc.

Zip it Armband

Zip it Armband Red Zip it Armband White Zip it Armband Black

Zip it Armband Red

Zip it Armband White Zip it Armband Black
$9.99  Out of Stock $9.99  Out of Stock $9.99 Out of Stock

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